Jacky Banayan

An expert esthetician praised for her knowledge and passion for Skincare that goes far beyond the surface. Known as the “Fairy Facial Mother”, Jacky’s business lives right in the heart of West Hollywood, California. JackyB Skincare was born in May of 2018, and since then has grown and flourished at a record pace. Jacky’s career took flight at the young age of 18 years old. With her mission being to help those who suffer with skin issues, Jacky has made it her professional and personal goal to make skin as beautiful as the soul beneath it.

With her modern and exclusive equipment, Jacky custom tailors each treatment to each individuals skin needs, however, her treatment goes beyond the office appointment. Jacky is a firm believer in following the path of healthy living, she provides an at home regiment for each of her clients in order to evoke the best results. She runs her business with integrity and heart, Jacky is always looking to grow and uncover the best skincare modalities and the cleanest way to beauty.