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Lerosett clear skin toner

Lerosett clear skin toner

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Overview: An aloe-based, deep cleansing, and pH balancing toner with 10+ active & botanical ingredients to remove debris, toxins, makeup, and dead skin cells, effectively improving skin texture and reducing the appearance of pores without over-drying.
• Exfoliates & resurfaces skin for a radiant glow
• Smooths & improves complexion
• Calms the look of irritation
• Refreshes & nourishes skin
• Restores moisture to the skin, firming and plumping the skin
• Stimualtes natural collagen at the wound site to reduce scarring, while protecting your skin from external aggressors.
•Improves blood flow and helps the skin to appear brighter and more refreshed
• Anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, Fights against free-radicals
• Boosts complexion with anti-inflammatory properties
• Closes pores, regulates sebum production and acts as a natural astringent
• Reduces appearance

LEROSETT® Clear Skin Toner is a rare organic aloe-based pH balancing toner. Natural glycolic acid gently exfoliates dead skin cells while cleansing away most residual oils, debris, makeup, and bacteria — effectively tightening pores while balancing your skin's natural pH balance.

The Proven Potency & Countless Benefits from Skin Care Based on Hydro-Organic Aloe

Our hydroponic aloe is greenhouse-grown in a temperature-controlled environment without pesticides or herbicides. Our aloe is hand-planted, nutrient-infused, and grown in recycled water, not in soil.

Based on over 50% of our unique greenhouse-grown 100% organic aloe, LEROSETT® Balancing Toner is therapeutic by its very nature, having countless benefits over conventional serums using water or oil as the main ingredient. Our nutrient-infused aloe base helps combats free radicals, signs of environmental damage with potent anti-inflammatory properties that reduce redness and inflammation.

Why Are Toners Essential?

To moisturize and nourish the skin after cleansing and removing any makeup. Toning your skin can help skincare products absorb your skincare more rapidly, bringing your skin back to its natural acidic state for plumper, glowing skin.

Helps Tone & Tighten Pore Size

With 24 antioxidants, 12 amino acids, and enzymes, LEROSETT® Clear Skin Toner works to increase circulation, inhibit inflammation, and promote cellular rejuvenation.

Using a cotton pad, apply the toner using upward strokes to the entire face. Use AM and PM.

Follow with LEROSETT® Healing Serum and LEROSETT® Moisture Matte Clear Skin Moisturizer

Active & Botanical Ingredients
Aloe Vera, Contains vitamins A, C and E, which are antioxidants. Over 9 Vitamins & 9 Minerals, 20 Amino Acids, 7 Enzymes that significantly increases collagen synthesis

Anti-Inflammatory, antimicrobial, helps heals wounds and fades scarring & and is one of the only known substances which can penetrate the dermis layer of the skin

Mucopolysaccharides help bind moisture into the skin and work effectively with ceramides, Stimulates fibroblast produces collagen and elastin to help heal skin & wounds

Grapefruit: Helps protect against the signs of sun damage and aging-Softens the skin and boosts collagen production. Helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles-Contains natural astringent properties to make your skin less oily and can even tighten pores

Glycolic Acid: Speeds up cell turnover and bring fresher, younger cells to the surface-Helps skin feel firmer and minimizes fine lines and wrinkles

Glycolic acids: Are the smallest molecule of alpha hydroxy acids and are used in the treatment of aging, discoloration and scarring

Ingredients: Ultra-pure glycolic acid with over 50% nutrient-infused greenhouse-grown organic aloe, Vit-C & Vit-E, has countless therapeutic advantages over regular water-based skin toners. Plus, Organic Grapefruit, German Chamomile, Linden Tree, Roman Chamomile, Calendula Flower, St. John’s-wort, Cornflower, & Lemon. These added botanicals and natural vitamins help moisturize, soothe, calm & heal damaged skin. Hand planted, no pesticides or herbicides.

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