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Nion Beauty

Nion Beauty Opus 2go

Nion Beauty Opus 2go

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Overview: Perfect for jet-setters, this disposable soft silicone facial cleansing device is packed with negative ions and anti-bacterial properties. Combine it with your favorite face cleanser and our gentle kinetic vibrations. Clinically proven to clean better, improve skin complexion, and reduce fine lines.

The handy 2GO is a must-have beauty product for any trip!

Key Features:
S-ion Technology® silicone.
Up to one week use.
3 units per pack.
3 colors per pack. (White/Blue/Pink)
Safe to use in the shower.

Directions: Apply your favorite cleanser. Wet your Opus 2GO with warm water. Hit the power switch to get your Opus started. Let your NION do its thing! Gently guide the Opus across your face in circular motions for 1-1.5 minutes. (for a deep cleanse use for 3 minutes)

Ingredients: External Material: HIPS / SION Technology Silicone / Silicone

Negative ion concentration:1250 numbers/cm³

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