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Nion Beauty

Nion Beauty Opus Negative Ion Face Cleansing Device -Luxe

Nion Beauty Opus Negative Ion Face Cleansing Device -Luxe

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Overview: Discover the secret to a bright, youthful complexion with LUXE. Our exclusive anti-aging skincare device features a bigger cleaning surface and optimized design, enhancing its purifying and rejuvenating qualities and giving you the confidence to glow. Clinically proven to clean better, improve skin complexion, and reduce fine lines. LUXE works perfectly with any cleansing gel or soap, but we recommend using high-quality, gentle cleansing products to ensure the best results. Don’t forget to moisturize after cleansing!

Directions: Apply your favorite cleanser. Wet your Opus Luxe and switch it to 'cleansing' mode by holding down the power button. Let your NION do its thing! Gently guide the Opus across your face in a circular motion for 1-1.5 minutes. (for a deep cleanse use for 3 minutes). Rinse your face and pat dry for gorgeous, glowing skin. Activate your Opus Luxe's anti-aging mode by holding down the power button again for 1.5 seconds during 'cleansing' mode and massage problem areas for a boost of youthful radiance.

Ingredients:  External Material: ABS / SION Technology Silicone

Negative ion concentration:1250 numbers/cm³

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